Arc Audio XDi-1100.5 5-Kanal Endstufe

Arc Audio XDi-1100.5 5-Kanal Endstufe
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One amplifier running an entire system without compromise to sound quality of overall... mehr
Produktinformationen "Arc Audio XDi-1100.5 5-Kanal Endstufe"
      One amplifier running an entire system without compromise to sound quality of overall performance? Yes it's true! Robert Zeff has doe it again with a single package solution designed to run your mid's/highs and subs all on one single compact packaged amplifier.

      The XDi 1100.5 is a compact and elegant design that is small enough to fit just about anywhere in a vehicle allowing you that personalized "Big Sound" without the loss of valuable trunk space.

      Capable of 150 watts to each of the main 4-channels the XDi 1100.5 provides enough dynamic and quality power to satisfy most any audio enthusiasts while still leaving enough in reserve for those late night jam sessions.. With its elegant brushed aluminum extruded aluminum cosmetic case (XDi Level 2 cosmetics package) and affordable price point the XDi amplifier series is perfect for the daily driver or the wildest of custom installations.

  • Multi-channel amplifier (5-channels)
  • Microprocessor Class-D design
  • Designed and Engineered by Robert Zeff
  • High frequency power supply design for improved signal transparency and overall sound quality
  • Remote Bass Boost Control (Included)
  • Extruded Aluminum CNC chassis design (Level 2 XDi Cosmetics)
  • Full range amplifier design
  • Single side connection design
  • Nickel Plated RCA Terminals
  • Quick Disconnect speaker terminal plugs.
  • Audiophile Class D output filter networks.
  • Detailed micro processor controlled protection
  • Large, High Frequency switching power supplies
  • RCA Inputs are compatible with speaker level inputs.
  • Fault Codes Storage of the last protection code detected
  • Hi Signal to Noise Ratio without compromising power output.
  • Fully Balanced Input Stage significantly increases flexibility
  • Ultra Low ESR, High capacity power supply storage capacitors
  • Flexible mounting orientation for vertical or horizontal installations.
  • Next generation high speed Class D technology powering all XDi amplifiers .
  • Bridged Mode Auto Detect Turn-on works with most chip based OEM Headunits.
  • Precision filtering isolates the power supply reducing unwanted interference in radio reception
  • Block type terminal connections
4 Channels @ 4 ohms (Ch 1-4) 150 Watts
4 Channels @ 2 ohms (Ch 1-4) 150 Watts
2 Channels @ 4 ohms (Ch 1-4) 300 Watts
1 Channel @ 4 ohms (Ch 5) 275 Watts
1 Channel @ 2ohms (Ch 5) 500 Watts
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz
Crossover Range (Ch 1-4) 50Hz - 550Hz
Crossover Range (Ch 5) 30Hz - 230Hz 24dB
BP capable No
Bass Boost Variable 0-12dB
Bass Boost Freq. Variable 30Hz - 125Hz (Ch 5 only)
Remote Level Control Included Yes - (Ch 5 only)
Input Sensitivity (Low) 200mV - 3.5V
Fuse 3 x 30 amp
Cosmetic Trim XDi Level 2
Dimensions 12.42"(L) x 6.268"(W) x 2.162(H)
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