Lightning Audio LA-2000MD Monoblock Verstärker

Lightning Audio LA-2000MD Monoblock Verstärker
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Lightning Audio LA-2000MD LA-Series Monoblock Verstärker The New Lightning Audio... mehr
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Lightning Audio LA-2000MD

LA-Series Monoblock Verstärker

The New Lightning Audio Amplifiers combine audiophile grade components, a new unibody design and intense cosmetics to deliver maximum performance and custom looks to your system.

• Surface mount components are smaller, higher quality, and better performing
• Allows for complex low-profile circuit designs
• Maximum sound quality minimum space
• Unwanted noise is avoided as power supply circuit separated from input stage

SWWS Connectors (Smash Wire With Screw)
• Insures maximum contact with power wire
• Allows for the maximum gauge wire for the connector
• Protection against short circuits
• Allen Head Screws for maximum connection effectiveness

• Let you connect 2 amplifiers to the same subwoofers
• Doubles power output and can double your SPL

MOSFET OUTPUTS (see amp specs for details)
• Amplifier can handle higher voltage, higher current and supply higher output voltages
• Better performance due to more amplifier output

RBC (Remote Bass Control)
• Allows the listener to fine tune bass response for a wide variety of music and listening taste

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